3 things keep finance leaders up at night:

Material Weaknesses.



Meet Safebooks AI – the Financial Data Governance Platform that finance teams use to trust 100% of their financial and business data in minutes.

Solving Key Challenges in Modern Finance

Accelerated close cycles

Time-pressured financial close

Manual and inefficient data review processes

Manual inefficient review processes

Reliance on  data sampling

Reliance on 

data sampling

Complex and fragmented data environments

Fragmented data environments

Undetectable fraud risks

Undetectable fraud risks

*The Financial Data Governance Gap: What finance leaders and business executives think is happening and what’s actually happening. AT THE DATA LEVEL.

Say Hello to Safebooks AI

Say Hello to Safebooks AI

Trust Your Numbers.
Every Reporting Period.

Always-On Full Data Reconciliation
Full Data Reconciliation

Verify your data integrity with a single and fully reconciled source of truth

Verify Data 1 2 1
Data Integrity

Leverage AI to ensure completeness and accuracy for 100% of your financial data

Identify Fraud Risks
Fraud Risks

Continuously monitor for enterprise fraud and 

suspicious activities

Visit Safebooks AI Trust Center

Our commitment to data privacy and security is embedded in every part of our business. Use our Trust Center to learn about our security posture and request access to our security documentation.

Safebooks AI Trust Center

Visit Safebooks AI Trust Center

Our commitment to data privacy and security is embedded in every part of our business. Use our Trust Center to learn about our security posture and request access to our security documentation.

How it Works

Safebooks’ patent-pending technology leverages AI and cybersecurity-inspired methods to continuously monitor 100% of your financial and business data for errors and anomalies, in real-time across all systems


Hear From The Experts

Transforming Data Reconciliation Processes

Manual processes are time-consuming and error-prone, leaving room for errors and increased fraud risk. The need for efficient solutions is more critical than ever.

Leveraging AI for Reliable Financial Data Governance

Safebooks AI leverages AI techniques such as self-learning, self-modeling, and generative AI to provide an accurate and reliable data to all relevant stakeholders.

Continuous Auditing and Monitoring

Implementing continuous auditing platforms reduces manual tasks and reconciliations, building trust in financial data while saving costs and headaches.

Your Core Business Processes Are Covered

Ledger Integrity
Ledger Integrity
Identify misclassifications, missing accruals, reconciliation issues and more
Order to cash
Order-to-Cash/ Billing 

Identify billing leakage, correct revenue classification, revenue recognition, and full billing reconciliation

Expense Management
Expense Management

Apply automatic controls to your expense management process while remaining employee-friendly

Data reconciliation
Data Reconciliation

Ensure full transaction and data reconciliation across your financial and supporting systems


Check salary payments, social benefit contributions, vacation accruals, and full reconciliation between systems


Identify missing expense accruals, department misclassifications, payments inconsistencies, and full transaction reconciliation

Enterprise fraud
Enterprise Fraud

Monitor transactions and system configurations to identify financial fraud signals

Reading Essentials

Safebooks AI - Intro to financial data governance

Financial Data Governance

Where data integrity, compliance, and operational agility are crucial.

Finance Data Illustration May 19

How to Prevent Material Weaknesses

Proactive measures and advanced technology can help prevent disaster.

Financial fraud prevention

Enterprise Fraud Prevention

Learn how to stay one step ahead of fraudsters in the digital age.


Implementation takes only 10 minutes! Get a live demo to learn more about how Safebooks can help you tackle financial data governance.

By leveraging AI and automation, Safebooks AI does not need to rely on sampling, but rather covers 100% of your financial data!

Safebooks seamlessly integrates with ERP, Expense Management Systems, CRM, Payment Gateways, HRIS Systems and more. Check out our platform page to learn more.

Safebooks is SOC2 certified and is in the process of becoming ISO 27001 and SOC1 certified. For more information visit our Trust Center.

Safebooks leverages AI through real-time anomaly detection, automated alerts, and predictive analytics, ensuring accurate and reliable coverage of 100% of your financial data. Check out our latest interview with our VP of AI, Yotam Livny

Some of Safebooks’ top features include automated reconciliations, customizable controls, real-time data coverage, work paper automation, enhanced collaboration methods, system configuration monitoring, and digital audit prep. Take a look at our platform page to learn more about each feature!

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